Individual must be respected

At Calcom everyone is equal, whether it is our customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders or partners and each of these individuals are treated with respect. As a company we are empathetic, compassionate and genuinely concerned about our employees, which is why our personnel policies have been put in place after careful thought and deliberation. With our ‘out of the box’ thinking we assign challenging roles, focused training and personalized coaching to provide our employees with opportunities to grow and achieve their highest potential.

Customer must be given the best possible service

Our endeavor is to provide the best possible service to our customers. To do this, we ensure that we maintain personalised contact with each customer. Effective partnering with our customers for new product developments, delivering high quality products at attractive prices within committed timelines, altering existing products in line with the market requirements are a few ways that we give them the best possible service.

Excellence and Superior Performance must be pursued

We believe that there is nothing constant except change and to achieve excellence and superior performance one must always be ready to adapt, revise and modify. It is therefore our mission to make continues improvements in our products, services, processes and system, which will further lead to pleased customers and job satisfied employees.

In the past 40 years it has been these core beliefs that have not only helped Calcom through turbulent times but also helped us make a name for ourselves in the Electronics and Lighting Industry.

Our Vision

  • We shall be a Professional, Caring, Progressive Organization which is committed to Stakeholder’s Satisfaction and be the Best Place to Work.
  • We shall have Service, Quality, Satisfaction and Value to the Customer as Core Value.
  • We shall have a Culture of Openness, Transparency, Respect for and Development of the individual, Team spirit, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship, Enhancing sense of Respectability, Pride and Ownership, where every member feels Secure, Professionally Satisfied and Proud.

Our Mission

  • We shall make an Organization where every Individual is Respected.
  • We shall give Best value for money to our customers in all the areas of our business by constantly upgrading Products Processes and Services.
  • We shall pursue Excellence in all areas of our operations and make Calcom a proud place to work.